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How Much Should a Logo Cost?

How Much Should a Logo Cost?

Is cheap logo really worth it?

This is probably the most popular question when it comes to designing a logo. Not a lot of people are ready to cash out on a logo. Some will say “you get what you paid for!”. But here’s the deal… When it comes to ordering logo, it’s a gamble. You can get one from a freelancer – but you will have to chase them, ask for many changes in the process and the end result might not be worth it. Or you can order from an agency. They might deliver, but it will cost you. Plus, even with agencies I’ve seen situations when the client had to shelve the logo because it was too out there and they wanted something more classical.

Anyway, to cut long story short – the logo should cost as much as the person or a company values their time. So technically it can cost you $10 or $500. It all depends on who’s doing it and how much time they put into the logo. But remember that just because the logo was delivered fast, doesn’t mean they didn’t put any effort into it. Perhaps they had an idea for your niche a long time ago, and were keeping it until the right client came along. And if you’re ordering from an agency remember that they have to pay rent for an office, pay salaries, and still make a profit. That’s why it might be better to go for a well established freelancer rather than a company, if you’re a new business.

Perhaps you’re thinking about downloading an icon from a stock website and then changing it yourself to make it look like a logo? Well… Just because you have the tools to do it, doesn’t mean you’re qualified and it’s a good idea. I can change the bulbs in my car, but I wouldn’t try to fix the breaks. Leave that to professionals. Here’s where we can help – we have a library of professional logos (with new categories added daily!), all you need to do is browse our website, choose the right one for you and change it up to fit your brand (font and name change, colors etc) and boom! You got yourself a nice looking logo in a super short amount of time.

You’re welcome.

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