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What Makes a Good Logo?

What Makes a Good Logo?

A short guide on how to get the best logo for your new business

As a designer, I see a lot of new business owners doing the same mistake again and again – trying to design a logo themselves, with the hands of the designer. Not that you’re not allowed to chip in and express your wishes, but there’s a reason you should trust a qualified professional to do his/her job – they know better.

So this article is for everyone who wants to QC their logo but don’t want to look foolish in designers eyes.

1. Make the logo readable

That means choosing a nice font that is easy to read when it’s on a billboard or on a business card. After all, you want your clients to be able to memorize your company’s name.

2. Use only brand colors

First of all, don’t use many colors. The less colorful the logo is, the better. I would suggest using max 3 or 4 colors. Second, don’t use off brand colors as that will only make it look unprofessional and confuse your potential clients.

3. Go for a logomark, not an illustration

A lot of times I see businesses with what seems to be a book illustration instead of a logomark. Make sure it’s easy to understand what’s visualized in the logomark when its printed let’s say on a business card or a leaflet.

4. Make sure the logo is not too long or tall

Ideal logo should be quite versatile, so that you can fit it on almost anything, sometimes you would have to use a mark with text on the side, or text underneath the mark. Sometimes even no mark at all, just the text.

5. Match your mark with the font

Pretty self explanatory. Make sure the font doesn’t look out of place with your logomark. That means is your mark has thin outlines, don’t go for a bold font and the other way around.

Hopefully you get the gist – know what you want, but always trust the designer. In the meantime browse your library, and you might find your dream logo there!

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