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Why Does a Logo Matter When Starting a Business?

Why Does a Logo Matter When Starting a Business?

Why is it important to have a professional logo for your business?

Usually new business owners don’t bother designing a proper logo. I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs use stock icons or illustrations as their logo, which is something you want to avoid. The logo you choose is going to be the face of your company, it’s one of the first things people visualize when they talk about your business. You want the logo to have impact and be memorable. But when you go for a stock icon or an illustration you have a risk of coming across as unprofessional, boring and sometimes confusing.

If you ask someone random to choose between a taco shop that has a crappy text logo, or a properly designed logomark with a carefully selected font – I already know which one they will choose. We make decisions on what we see, and when we see a poorly designed face of the company, we assume that their product is probably just as bad.

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